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Subtitle level introduction

In order to enhance everyone's experience in using the plugin to watch YouTube videos, we have made special optimizations for a large number of video subtitles, so we have divided the level of video subtitles into 3 levels:

  1. Green: This is the highest quality level, which we have optimized in advance for everyone.
  2. Yellow: These are subtitles uploaded by the video blogger themselves, and the quality is also good.
  3. Red: This is of the lowest quality, generated by YouTube itself.

The quality of video subtitles can be judged by the color of the button when playing.

If you are currently watching an English video, and the button color is red, and the duration does not exceed one and a half hours, then the plugin will optimize it for you in the background. Please wait a moment, you will receive an email reminder. Then you can watch with a green button level.